Welcome to Prince George's Chamber of Commerce

The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit alliance of over 500 businesses, representing over a quarter of a million employees, making it one of the largest chambers in the state of Maryland and one of the largest chambers in the Washington Metropolitan region. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Chamber is a private organization funded primarily by membership dues. It is not a government agency and receives no tax dollars.

Recognized as the most effective voice for business in Prince George’s County, the Chamber works to carry out its mission of advancing the interest of business for a vibrant County—by dedicating itself to fostering a sound and progressive business climate, as well as assuming a leadership position in identifying and resolving community issues and concerns.

Through its various programs and legislative agenda, the Chamber promotes an understanding of and appreciation for business, provides strong business community leadership, and sponsors programs of a civic, social, and cultural nature in order to improve the quality of life for Prince George's County residents and the business community.


Mission and Purpose

Founded in 1924, the Chamber of Commerce is an association of business, non-profit, and other various organizations dedicated to collaborating and providing leadership in policy that enlivens entrepreneurship opportunity for all residents and business in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The Chamber’s leadership is centered on providing an elevated degree of advocacy, partnership, and service for enhancing and broadening the capacity of our members.

The Chamber achieves this by:

  • Providing advocacy in the various halls of government and agencies
  • Providing up-to-date alerts on major policy changes
  • Providing consistent networking opportunities
  • Providing advertising opportunities 
  • Providing access to innovative, promising practice



On behalf of the Board of Directors, I appreciate your membership.  Over 90 years, the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce has been a leading business voice with a distinguished history of advocacy, partnership and service.  Advocacy in advancing policy for building a prosperous business climate, partnership in providing venues for networking and service in helping you consider strategies for growing your business. 

I also encourage you to deepen your engagement through joining a committee that intersects with your interest.  Our committees are the backbone for all of our work.  Please go to our committee web link to learn more and select where you would like to serve.

Again, thank you for your membership and please call on me if you have any questions or suggestions for growing this dynamic organization.


David C. Harrington
President and CEO

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It is an honor to serve as your Chairman for the 2015-2016 term. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly talented and diverse Board of Directors and an engaged and action-oriented Chamber staff. Together, we are poised to be the voice of wealth creation. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will continue to influence, connect, and engage policymakers with a lens on expanding business opportunities for our membership. 

We can expand business opportunities by: 

  • Sharing company contacts for business
  • Participating in Chamber committee work
  • Doing business with Chamber members first
  • Inviting new members to join the Chamber


If we each commit to the above, we will all receive greater value. 


Nathan Gross,
Chairman, Prince George's Chamber of Commerce

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